Becoming a Referee FAQ’s

Why do I have to pay to attend a level 4 referee course?;
A: FFNC need to pay a fee to NNSWF to run a course and pay the presenters for their time. We also supply a law book, printed materials and other items unique to each course. It should be noted that FFNC are SUBSIDISING the cost of the course.

Why is there an annual registration fee to actively officiate?;
A: Everyone wants better match officials, but we cannot expect match officials to get better without coaching and administration. This comes at a cost and players and clubs are already contributing to costs within the game (including paying match officials). FFNC are intent on providing a maximum benefit for match officials, but it seems only fair that match officials (who do get paid) contribute a share. The fees for 2019 have not yet been set by NNSWF or FFNC, however this is currently being reviewed with a view to improving the affordability to officiate.

Is being a match official classed as a job (employment)?;
A: NO. It is a paid hobby.

Why do I need to pay for my gear/uniform?;
A: The initial purchase of match officials gear/uniform is a cost that is incurred by FFNC, so although this is another cost that we would like to absorb (i.e. not have to pass on), the reality is that the money must come from somewhere and if not from the individual match officials, it will again need to come from the club/players? FFNC keep gear as cheap as we possibly can and we are ACTIVELY engaging with our supplier, Northern NSW Football to find ways to make it cheaper.

Do I have to pay the gear/registration upfront?;
A: NO. As a way to try and ease the burden of becoming a match official, FFNC offer to have fees/gear deducted from match payments at a rate of approx. 50% of the payment owed (i.e. if you’re owed $200 for the fortnight, we deduct $100 and pay you $100, until your account is settled).

Do I need to referee every day or every weekend?;
A: NO. We use an online appointments system that allows you to update your availability in advance. Of course, the more you are available, the more games you are likely to receive. However, we understand that everyones needs and wants are different.

Is there a requirement to travel ANYWHERE in the FFNC zone to officiate on games?;
A: NO. Appointments are made to try as much as possible to keep travel to a minimum. If you play or coach this will be taken into account when appointing to matches, which may mean you are appointed on a match outside your “home” town to fit in with your playing/coaching commitments. There is a general expectation that everyone will travel on occasions, as there are not enough referees in all locations, but if you have a reasonable request for why you cannot travel at any time you can let us know and this will be taken into account.

If you have any other questions about becoming a match official, feel free to email [email protected]