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2017 FFNC Participation Levies

November 30th, 2016

Football Far North Coast is pleased to confirm recent advice distributed to all member clubs concerning participation levies for season 2017.

The FFNC Board of Directors has resolved to keep the total component comprising FFA, NNSWF and FFNC levies (and insurance) UNCHANGED for next season (from the schedule of levies that have applied since 2012). This decision will therefore result in the delivery of SIX consecutive years of stable participation levies (from FFNC) to ALL participants within the Zone. A management recommendation to absorb anticipated cost increases for a further year, was endorsed by the FFNC Board of Directors at the October meeting.

Participants are however advised to anticipate a minor increase to participation levies in season 2018. Although that decision does not impact on the 2017 season, FFNC makes this disclosure to participants and member clubs for the purpose of highlighting a necessary periodic increase to participation levies to ensure adequate financial capacity of the Zone. The FFNC Board of Directors notes the work done in retrieving the FFNC asset position to a sustainable level (post 2009) that has allowed the delivery of six consecutive years of stable participation levies. Directors were unanimous in embracing a decision that would support a further stable participation levies model for 2017, noting a capacity that exists for FFNC to reasonably do so at this time. The zone’s reliance upon participation levies as the overwhelming source of revenue (plus 70%) was noted, with participation numbers underpinning financial options. Every reasonable effort will be made to support the participation experience for individuals and the efforts of member clubs, while recognising that FFNC also operates within an environment requiring prudent responses to commercial influences to allow FFNC to remain effective and viable.

Directors have authorised the release of their decision about player participation levies in a timely manner to assist member clubs with their planning, well in advance of most club AGM’s and prior to the Christmas period. The directors wish to applaud the efforts of ALL member clubs for their underpinning support to enhance grassroots football through the commitment of hardworking volunteers. FFNC also wish to recognise the sound strategic alliance with key partners, Newcastle Permanent Building Society, Lismore Workers Club and Tursa Employment and Training, that each supplement and make a positive contribution to ensuring a depth of football activity in this region. FFNC also acknowledges the leadership of David Eland and the support of his team at Northern NSW Football for each of the seven member zones.

2016 saw FFNC player participation numbers substantially maintain its strong position, with close to 7000 players. We are also pleased to report some progress with attracting more match officials (most who are also players). FFNC and NNSWF will forward various information over coming weeks and early 2017 to assist member clubs in adequately responding to the annual challenge of retaining players each season. We urge clubs to start communicating with current players in an effort to entice them back next season. We trust that our news concerning player participation levies will assist in the message that you can offer to players.

FFNC welcome any enquiries to be directed to the General Manager, Steve Mackney, should any assistance be required towards member clubs efforts to plan for season 2017.

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