2021 ANZAC Day Cup & Callan McMillan Memorial Shield

January 19th, 2021

With season 2021 fast approaching so too are the annual pre-season competitions, the ANZAC Day Cup and Callan McMillan Memorial Shield, which are again supported by our strategic partner Tursa Employment and Training.

The ANZAC Day Cup competitions are expected to see a re-alignment of the ‘Open A’ and ‘Open B’ competitions and also the introduction of an ‘Open C’ competition. This will allow Men’s Championship teams from 2020 to participate in the ‘Open A’ ANZAC Day Cup competition, following the introduction of that competition last season. It is hoped that this move will also provide more evenly balanced competitions across the Men’s ANZAC Day Cup Leagues.

This means that the three ‘Open Men’s’ competitions in 2021 are planned to be ‘Open A’ (Championship to League 2) and ‘Open B’ (League 3 to League 5) and ‘Open C’ (League 6 and League 7)*.  As per previous seasons, a Grade 16 competition round robin competition is also expected to take place.

For the Women’s pre-season competitions,  is anticipated that both the ‘A’ and ‘B’ Division’s will be contested in the Callan McMillan Memorial Shield, with a Girls Grade 16 competition to be played if enough teams nominate.

*All competitions will be subject to the number of nominations that are received and are eligible for the relevant competition.

Players and team officials who wish to participate in the ANZAC Day Cup or Callan McMillan Memorial Shield should contact their club with priority to communicate their interest. Club contact details can be found here.

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