Laws of the Game Reminder (Law 3 – The Players’ Equipment)

July 15th, 2022

We offer clubs, players, coaches and parents a reminder of the Laws of the Game relevant to Law 3 – The Players’ Equipment.

Players Wearing Jewellery

 A reminder that players are NOT allowed to play in ANY FFNC sanctioned fixtures if they are wearing any jewellery that is not permitted within the laws of the game (including necklaces, rings, visible piercings with studs, earrings, bracelets, leather bands, rubber bands, etc).

Players CANNOT tape jewellery under ANY circumstances. If a player is unable to remove an item of jewellery, that player is NOT able to participate as a player.

 Match officials have been reminded to check all players for jewellery as part of the equipment check prior to the game.

Any player found to be wearing jewellery during the match should be asked to leave the field of play at the next stoppage and remove the item(s). They must NOT return to the field of play until a future stoppage in the match and only when the referee has inspected the player to ensure the item has been removed. A yellow card can also be issued to the player for unsporting behaviour.

Players Wearing Spectacles

We offer information for all players and match officials regarding players who wear spectacles. The purpose of this information is simply to provide clarity on the interpretation that should exist when determining if spectacles are safe for the wearer and other participants, as per the laws of the game.

 For junior and youth players: Sports spectacles are recommended, however if they are not sports spectacles, the referee should inspect the equipment to determine they do not pose any danger to the player wearing the spectacles or any other player. Every reasonable opportunity should be given for that junior player to be allowed to play, noting that the intensity/contact in junior fixtures is generally minimal (compared to senior football).

For senior players: If any player is wearing spectacles on the field of play during matches, the spectacles MUST be sport spectacles. This is for the safety of the wearer and other participants.

Players with Hard Casts (e.g. plaster casts)

FFNC offer a reminder that players are NOT allowed to take the field of play with any plaster cast or hard cast (including knee braces) that may be considered dangerous to the wearer or any other participant.

Players who attempt to play with a plaster or hard cast (whether wrapped in padding or not) must NOT be allowed to participate.  They also cannot occupy the Technical Area (unless they are a registered Team Official and have been listed as a Team Official on the match sheet).

Match officials have been reminded that FFNC has NOT provided any exceptions to ANY player (or any matter related to the laws of the game and more specifically, players equipment).

For more information about the IFAB Laws of the Game, click here.

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Laws of the Game Reminder (Law 3 – The Players’ Equipment)
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