Match Day Procedures

June 24th, 2022

Season 2022 continues to get closer to a return to some type of normality and we wish to again acknowledge the many efforts of volunteers, who consistently contribute selflessly to support community football activity.

Another message being shared today is to remind Team Officials particularly, to ensure that match sheets are completed correctly. FFNC created a template procedure with every match sheet book now including the applicable procedure for the respective competition. The purpose is to help guide Team Officials through the Match Day process, including access to a QR Code, that will reveal Competition Regulations.

Like most procedures (and regulations), not everyone has a consistent understanding of what is required, so this is why FFNC has provided easy access to the applicable resources. Most Team Officials adhere to the procedures on Match Day, but there are unfortunately some people who either don’t grasp what is required or even (of concern) choose to ignore what is required?

The lodgement of an increasing number of match sheets with examples of issues as listed below, prompts this gentle reminder (especially to Team Officials) to highlight the procedures that exist;

  • No Details shown of Field/Location/Competition/date of fixture;
  • No result shown/conflicting result shown (Referee must enter this however Team Official is required to sign the match sheet as confirming as being correct);
  • No Team Official listed;
  • No Duty Officer listed;
  • Same person listed as Duty Officer and Team Official/Player in same match;

We urge ONE nominated Team Official/Player/Parent, who can write clearly, to be given this task on match Day, as the legibility of information written on some match sheets is not what is should be.

Every reasonable effort is made to create outcomes for the Greater Good of Community Football and the purpose of match sheets is to prompt a consistent and logical delivery on Match Day, that can better meet expectations about results, records and eligibility of participants.

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