Reminders for ALL participants

August 4th, 2017

We take this opportunity to highlight several items that seemingly cause periodic agitation and confusion for some people in every season? Like many things in football, the details are extensive, however participants are obliged to adhere to requirements that generally have their origins at FIFA, but apply in ALL football regions for competitions beyond MiniRoos.

  • Jewellery is NOT allowed to be worn by a PLAYER during a game. Refer to Law 4, page 17 of the FIFA Laws of the Game (2016/2017 version).
  • Taping of jewellery is NOT permitted.
  • There are NO concessions given for reasons such as, “I am unable to remove the item” and a player who fails to remove any visible item of jewellery (even concealed under tape) is prohibited from participating.
  • A match official must wear a watch (and may wear more than one watch) but is otherwise also prohibited from wearing jewellery.
  • Each player in each team in each match MUST have a distinctive number on their playing shirt that is the same number as listed for the respective player on the match sheet.
  • Each player in each team in each match (except the goalie) MUST be wearing the same colour and design Shirt, Shorts and Socks.
  • The goal keeper may wear the same colour and design shorts and socks as their team-mates, however MUST wear a different colour shirt than (1) The goal keeper’s team-mates (2) Opposition players and (3) The centre referee.
  • A goal keeper who subsequently participates “on the field” during the SAME game, cannot remain in their “goal keeper gear” when opting to participate “out of goals and as a field player.”
  • A goal keeper must change gear in such circumstances to ensure that they are wearing the same colour/design shirt, shorts and socks as their team-mates BEFORE participating as a “field player”.
  • ALL competitive teams are required to have access to an “alternate strip” that is to be worn by the AWAY team in circumstances where there is insufficient difference between the colour/design of players in the two teams participating.
  • The referee has the authority to instruct that an alternative strip is to be worn, however FFNC regulations and processes ultimately determine the likely “clashes” of strip colour/design that are known in the FFNC competitions.
  • Casts on arms/wrists are prohibited to be worn by any player (even if bubble wrapped or padded etc.).
  • Equipment (eg knee guards) that are deemed to be dangerous (to the player or any other player) are prohibited.
  • Undergarments being worn by a player under the shorts MUST be the same colour as the predominant colour of the player’s shorts.
  • Undergarments worn by a player under their shirt (and extending past the length of the sleeve) MUST be the same colour as the main colour of the shirt sleeve.
  • All players in the same team must wear the same COLOUR undergarments.
  • The technique of tucking undergarments (eg skins) that are contrary to Law 4 to conceal them does not give immunity. If these are subsequently recognised by the match officials, an instruction can be anticipated for the player to leave the field of play and remove the item/s.
  • The match sheet must be completed BEFORE the start of the game, including; (1) Player names (2) Player signatures or FFA numbers as prescribed (3) Team Officials listed by name and FFA Number.
  • ALL inter-change/substitutes are required to (1) Be listed on the match sheet (2) Be eligible to participate and (3) Wear a BIB when in the Technical Area.
  • Team Officials MUST be registered in myfootballclub by now and also listed on the match sheet to occupy the Technical Area.
  • Respective Team officials should SIGN the match sheet AFTER the game as evidence that they confirm the details shown on the match sheet.
  • FFNC does NOT provide any exemption to these matters. Claims variously made to match officials of such “approval” are to be reported to FFNC and not simply accepted as being legitimate claims.
  • Individual match officials do NOT have any authority to provide any exemption to these matters.

The common expectation of “clarity and consistency” applies to each of the matters and while we recognise the range of awareness to regulations that exists within community football, ALL items outlined above have been substantially UNCHANGED for many years.

NONE of these things are onerous or difficult and we urge EVERYONE to embrace what needs to happen within the Laws of the Game and various competition regulations.


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