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Referee Recognition Weekend & Silent Saturday

June 24th, 2016

Referees recognition weekend is an initiative being conducted in 2016 by Northern NSW Football across all clubs and zones to publicly recognise, show our appreciation and say thank you to all of our match officials.

Officiating football matches at any level can be a difficult, stressful, intimidating and often thankless job. “Thanks Ref Weekend” gives the football community the chance to show our referees and match officials that they are a valued member of the football family and are appreciated by players, coaches and supporters alike.

The 2016 “Thanks Ref Weekend” will be held at all matches that take place on Friday 24th, Saturday the 25th & Sunday 26th June 2016. Any club that is hosting a match sanctioned by Northern NSW Football on these dates including all junior, senior and representative fixtures are requested to take part in the day by showing their thanks and appreciation to all match officials present at their club on the day.

A simple “thanks” to match officials is a relatively easy gesture that can make a big difference to retaining match officials in our game. Feedback from previous years about dedicating a weekend to appreciate the role of match officials, has been very positive and with an historical shortage of referees (and a reducing number of experienced referees) we hope that this initiative will eventually change negative culture and in turn even contribute to addressing retention rates of match officials.

A few simple ways clubs can add to the weekend include:

  • Short thank you messages over the club’s PA system through the day.
  • Spread the word on social media and encourage club members to support the initiative.
  • Supply of a drink/water/fruit for match officials officiating at next weekend’s matches
  • ALL players (not just team captains) offering to shake the hands of match officials PRIOR to games.

SILENT SATURDAY is on Saturday June 25th (What is this about?)

The focus is on MiniRoos games and behaviour of parents in the TYPE of encouragement they offer?

We ask clubs to make parents (and other spectators) aware that EVERY effort should be made to WATCH the game but refrain from making any comments to the players or about the game.

Clapping IS of course allowed and supporters are encouraged to be creative in how they choose to cheer their child’s team (Eg make signs to hold up, bring a scarf in the team’s colour and wave it wildly) but AVOID calling out (as they normally do??)

A few simple ways clubs can add to the weekend include:

  • Messages over the club’s PA system through the morning explaining what is expected.
  • Spread the word on social media and encourage parents to support the initiative.
  • Offer a prize (could be an iceblock from the canteen) to teams where parents/spectators remain QUIET during the game.
  • Display promotional posters.

We invite clubs to post and share photos or articles about how they supported the initiatives.

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